Staff Insights

Obstetrics and Infant Mortality
SIP Newsletter, April 2019
Preventing Medical Errors and Improving Patient Safety
Northeast Florida Medicine, Vol. 70, No. 3, March 2019
Behavioral Health Integration in the University Setting
Institute for Healthcare Improvement National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care, Full Presentation, December 2018
Student Concussion Treatment in the University Setting
Recommendations of the Student Concussion Task Force, Florida Academic Healthcare Patient Safety Organization, Fall 2018
Weaver V. Myers: The Future of Ex Parte Communication in Florida Medical Malpractice
The Florida Bar Journal, Vol. 92, No. 7, July/August 2018
Utilizing the PSO to Identify Medication Prescriptions that may Prolong QT Interval and Identify Pharmacy Interventions
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Patient Safety Organization Annual Meeting Poster Presentation, April 2018
Prevention of Medical Errors
University of Florida Internal Medicine Symposium, Jacksonville, FL, February 2018
ASHRM Health Care Claims and Litigation Playbook
The American Society of Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM), 2018 (Available for purchase through ASHRM website)
To Presuit or Not to Presuit: General Liability Versus Professional Liability in the Healthcare Setting
Trial Advocate Quarterly, Vol. 36. No. 1, Winter 2017 (Must be a member of FDLA to view article)
Proposals for Settlement in Florida Wrongful Death Cases: Time for Change
Trial Advocate Quarterly, Vol. 36. No. 1, Winter 2017 (Must be a member of FDLA to view article)
A Litigation Attorney’s Formula for Changing the Factors that Influence a Patient’s Decision to Sue
AHLA's Journal of Health & Life Sciences Law, Vol 11, No. 1, October 2017
State of Play: Managing Brain Injury Risk in College Sports
Gallagher Higher Education Think Tank Studies, September 2017
Prevention of Medical Errors and Patient Safety
Northeast Florida Medicine, Vol. 68, No. 1, Spring 2017
Utilizing Lessons Learned in Mediation to Enhance Patient Safety and Implement Just Culture
American Society for Health Care Risk Management (ASHRM) Annual Conference, Orlando, FL, September 2016

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