Guides & Resources

EVENTS TO REPORT:  For a guidance on Who Must Report, What Must be Reported, When and How to Report, and Why It is Important to Report, please click HERE.

RESOURCES FOR SECOND VICTIMS: Difficult cases, unexpected outcomes, or medical errors occur in all health care organizations. Any adverse event, not just those that result in death, can have a devastating effect on the health care workers involved. The SECOND VICTIMS resources provide support to our health care providers following an adverse event, a traumatic clinical event, the death of a patient and any other event that is emotionally challenging. Click HERE for additional details.

DENIED REPORTING ONLINE ACCESS: Use of the online event reporting tool is restricted to our covered healthcare providers, participants, and their support staff. If you attempted to submit a report though this reporting tool and access was not authorized, but you fall into one of these categories, please complete and submit a Request Online Reporting Access Form, or call 352-273-7006 (toll free 844-MY FL SIP) for immediate assistance.