Participant Management Portal

Welcome to the SIP Participant Management Portal!*  This portal provides university designated Campus Leads (LEADS) with 1) 24/7 access to their assigned department/college SIP records of active** healthcare providers, 2) the ability to update, in real time, select SIP underwriting data specific to their active** healthcare providers (e.g., termination dates, specialty, FTE %, Clinical %, etc.), and includes auto distribution of monthly reports.

LEADS are to access the portal from the following link:   Once accessed, a guide on portal use is attached to the portal toolbar.

IMPORTANT BROWSER DETAIL: The portal exists on a Salesforce platform that, like most database platforms, has browser specifications. Google Chrome is the #1 recommended web browser for use of the Participant Management Portal and must be used for password reset requests.  Mozilla Firefox can be used for most portal functions, but there may be setup considerations, please review this Salesforce Article for more information.  Please DO NOT use Microsoft (Explorer or Edge) browsers when navigating the portal.

If questions related to the portal or portal access, please contact the SIP Insurance Services team at 352-273-7006, or 844-MY FL SIP.

*  It is expected that the LEADS will ensure the data is accurately and timely maintained in the portal throughout the year. Most importantly, please note that the portal replaced the manual SIP underwriting process used in previous years where we distributed and collected Excel spreadsheets to capture any needed changes. Instead, we now rely on the data in your portal at the close of business day on March 1st, your annual snapshot date, to prepare our underwriting analysis, reports, and to distribute the new fiscal year insurance certificates to your providers’ practice locations (“Provider Privilege” section in the portal), as required/needed.

** ACTIVE: Clinical providers (employees or volunteers) that have been reported to the SIP and who are delivering professional healthcare services on behalf of the university or SIP insured hospital/entity, as of the date of the portal review.