Resources for Second Victims

Difficult cases, unexpected outcomes, or medical errors occur in all health care organizations. Any adverse event, not just those that result in death, can have a devastating effect on the health care workers involved. The below SECOND VICTIMS resources provide support to our health care providers following an adverse event, a traumatic clinical event, the death of a patient and any other event that is emotionally challenging.

Healing the Healer:

This 19-minute documentary exposes the painful impact on clinicians when patient care goes wrong, the stigma of dealing with a medical malpractice claim, and the benefits of peer support. Included: eight short special features with a focus on providers and programs. HEALING THE HEALER – YouTube

UF Health Care Providers:

Gainesville Support 

Care for Colleagues*

24-hour support

UF Care for Colleagues Website:

Employee Assistance Program
800-448-8326 (Shands)
833-306-0103 (UF)
8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Monday – Friday

Bridge website:

Jacksonville Support

ComPsych Guidance Resources
TDD: 800-697-0353
24-hour support

Center for Healthy Minds and Practice (CHaMP)
1910 Jefferson Street
Jacksonville, FL 32209
Free, confidential, mental health support services

Additional Information: CHaMP
Additional Information: Peer Support Services

Additional Support for Both Campuses

TalkSpace Free Confidential Online Therapy and Psychiatric Management
UF College of Medicine employees who have GatorCare benefits (including residents) are eligible to use TalkSpace for free. Learn more and register at or email for help.

University of Florida Employee Assistance Program
Designed to help residents and their families

Anonymous Screening Tool

UF Health Shands Psychiatric Hospital
24 hour support

National Suicide Prevention & Crisis Hotline

* If you would like to join the Care for Colleagues program as a peer supporter, please email or download this PDF for additional information.

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