Message from the SIP Administrator

 In 1971, the University of Florida J. Hillis Miller Health Center Self-Insurance Program was established at the University of Florida. It was one of the first, if not the first, of its kind in the United States and set a standard for liability protection in the academic health care setting.

Over the past four decades, the health care education landscape in Florida has experienced extraordinary growth.  In 2015, Florida passed New York as the third most populated state in the United States. By creating several new colleges of medicine and other health-related colleges to complement established academic health care programs, Florida has expanded the State University System’s health care education programs to virtually all areas in the Sunshine State. Self-Insurance Programs (SIPs) have been created by the Florida Board of Governors for the Florida State University College of Medicine, the University of Central Florida College of Medicine, Florida International University College of Medicine, Florida Atlantic University College of Medicine and the University of South Florida Health Science Center joining the Self-Insurance Program at the University of Florida Gainesville and Jacksonville campuses. These programs not only provide protections to the Boards of Trustees of the universities for their colleges of medicine but also for other health care colleges and their student health care programs. All the self-insurance programs manage general and professional liability exposures arising from the educational, research, and clinical missions of their program participants.
I have had the honor of working with each of the Florida Board of Governors Self-Insurance Programs and currently serve as the administrator of five of the state’s six Self-Insurance Programs. These programs are staffed by professionals with expertise in the areas of casualty insurance, specializing in healthcare professional and general liability, as well as law, medicine, nursing, and loss prevention. In addition to the general and professional liability coverage afforded, SIP staff provides services in claims management, litigation defense, finance, and loss prevention.   The programs are also dedicated to patient safety through our popular health care provider lecture series, our extensive medical-legal continuing education training, and through the Florida Academic Health Patient Safety Organization (FAH PSO) and the Academic Medical Center Patient Safety Organization (AMC PSO). I invite you to take advantage of our convenient on-line CME-approved education courses that are provided free of charge to our participants. Course topics include a 2-hour mandatory medical error prevention program approved by the Florida Board of Medicine, as well as other important health care/legal topics confronted by Florida providers. I also urge you take SIP 101 which explains our reporting requirements for liability protection. The Florida Board of Governors Self-Insurance Programs focus on providing vigorous protection to their participating health care providers while at the same time partnering with them to provide excellent patient care through education and patient safety initiatives. We look forward to serving you. Please call our office at (352) 273-7006, or (844) MY FL SIP, with any questions.

Randall C. Jenkins, Esq.

Administrator, Self-Insurance Programs

Florida Board of Governors