Welcome to your Online Healthcare Liability Event Reporting tool!

As a SIP protected provider/participant, it is essential that you notify the SIP if you or a protected provider were involved, or alleged to have been involved, in an event while delivering healthcare services that may have caused or resulted in an injury (real or perceived) to a patient. Please immediately call us at 352-273-7006 (toll free 844-MY FL SIP), or complete a secure and protected* online healthcare liability event report by clicking on the submission button below.

NOTE: You must use your university or healthcare facility email address when submitting an online report. Do not use your personal email address.

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IMPORTANT: Use of this online event reporting tool is restricted to our covered healthcare providers, participants, and their support staff. If you attempted to submit a report though this reporting tool, using your university/healthcare facility email address, and access was not authorized but you fall into one of these categories, please complete and submit a Request Online Reporting Access Form, or call 352-273-7006 (toll free 844-MY FL SIP) for immediate assistance.


*Confidential and may be subject to the attorney-client privilege or may constitute privileged work product. The information may also be privileged and confidential pursuant to Section 1004.24, Florida Statutes and Florida Board of Governors Regulation 10.001.


As a covered Healthcare Liability Self-Insurance Program (SIP) provider, it is essential and expected that you notify us immediately if:

See our Event Reporting Guide for additional examples of when to contact SIP.

Once we are placed on noticed of the reporting, a SIP examiner will immediately go into action to meet the needs of patients with meritorious claims, aggressively and effectively defend those claims that lack merit, and assist in patient safety initiatives to improve the provision of healthcare.

NOTE: You may have additional reporting responsibilities (e.g., facility risk management, program directors, attendings) and should be familiar with the policy for reporting events and near misses at the facilities where you practice.