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Please watch for upcoming announcements regarding the proposal subject focus for the next Smith Awards cycle.


The UF College of Medicine Continuing Medical Education and the UF Self-Insurance Program cosponsor an Interdisciplinary Patient Safety Awards Program. This Awards program provides start-up support for staff to design and implement projects focused on reducing the likelihood of adverse events or claims and/or patient safety and clinical process improvements. The projects selected for funding may also address national initiatives such as the Partnership for Patients, CMS improvement programs, and IHI and NQF initiatives. During designated award cycles, topic specific calls for project proposals may be made by the program.

Project requirements:

Applicants must complete a “Letter of Interest” form (located in the upper left hand corner under Smith Awards Forms) and send it to the Awards Program Administrator at least 30 days in advance of the submission due date. Awards application forms, which can be accessed at the Forms tab above, must be completed and submitted to the Awards Program Administrator by 5 p.m. on the submission due date.

Smith Awards-funded projects must plan and implement clinical education and process improvement initiatives designed to directly improve patient safety and clinical processes that enhance the delivery of care and minimize the opportunity for claims and litigation. Proposals should focus on projects directed at improving performance related to measures that are publicly reported or part of national campaigns. However, during designated Awards cycles, specific calls for project proposals may be made by the program.

Supported projects should have a strong improvement implementation plan. Primary data gathering or hypothesis-generating proposals are unlikely to be funded.

Project proposals should include a plan for evaluating the impact of the educational intervention and process improvement effort on the relevant measure. Projects must include a UF CME-accredited educational program. It is also requested that a copy of any published material resulting from the project be provided to the Smith Awards program.

Additional consideration will be given to applications that include the following features:

  1. Project has interdisciplinary components, including physicians, residents, nurses, and other health care workers.
  2. Initiative is applicable across the educational continuum, including faculty, resident, student, and post-graduate continuing medical education components.
  3. Project is expected to result in publication, poster presentation, or other scholarly activity.
  4. Demonstration of how the project will be sustained after completion of the support and spread successful processes to other locations.
  5. Project is likely to serve as a foundation for further funded research.

Award amounts:

Most Smith Awards projects will be in the amount of $25,000 or less over the life of the project. In special circumstances, consideration may be given to requests for larger amounts.

Project duration:

Up to 18 months.

Award cycles:

Applications are received twice per year, in December and June, with Awards announcements in January and July.

Award agreement:

Awardees are required to sign a grant agreement prior to commencing the approved project.

Eligible applicants:

All University of Florida College of Medicine faculty in Gainesville and Jacksonville, UF Health Shands and other Health Science Center faculty and staff, and medical students and residents.

Award submission form:

Awards proposals must be submitted using the Smith Awards application. Click here to download the application.

Budget information:

Smith Awards may be used to support a variety of project-related items, including consumables, data analysis, and limited FTE support. They may not be used to offset capital budget expenses or support expenditures which should be submitted through the regular budget process, such as clinical equipment.  Awards monies may not be used to support new FTE lines, existing FTE salaries, or ongoing expense commitments that extend beyond the grant period. The use of Smith Awards funds will be limited to those expense items listed in the Awards request budget. Proposed Travel budget expenses to conferences should only be budgeted for purposes of poster or lecture presentations on completed project results, with total amount restricted to $5,000 or less. It is also important to follow State and UF Travel requirements, which can be found at:  http://www.fa.ufl.edu/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/TravelBrochure1.pdf

IRB submission:

Smith Awards projects will frequently require data collection involving human subjects (e.g., students, residents, faculty, patients, etc.). Human subject research is subject to review and approval by the UF Health Science Center IRB. Unless your submitted proposal meets the definition of a CQI project, Smith Awards projects approved for funding must be reviewed and approved by the IRB prior to initiating the project. For answers to common questions about “When is CQI Research?” click here: http://irb.ufl.edu/irb01/researcher-information/quality-improvement-projects-vs-research.html

Many projects will likely qualify for either exempt or expedited review by the IRB, which means they can be reviewed by the Chair or Vice Chairs and do not have to be reviewed by the full Board.

To avoid federal regulation compliance issues, we suggest that the Gainesville campus contact Peter Iafrate, Chair of the IRB, at 352-273-9600 and in Jacksonville contact Sheila Austin, Administrative Coordinator of the IRB, at 904-244-9427 who will advise you about which IRB category your project falls into, the proper IRB forms you need to complete, and to whom to submit it to. It is highly recommended that you contact the IRB Chair when you have completed your award proposal, or even before, to get a head start on the IRB process and minimize any potential for delay.

Project reports:

Awardees must provide brief quarterly progress reports and a final project report at the end of the project support period. Due dates for progress reports will be determined once IRB approval is obtained. IRB approval is required prior to release of funds (see IRB Submission). Progress report schedules will be provided to you by the Awards Program Administrator once notification has been received that funds are released and available for access. Ongoing funding is contingent on the receipt of these progress reports. Principal Investigators may be required to present project progress at various UF Health enterprise forums. Please submit completed quarterly progress reports and any final reports to the contact person noted below.


For more information, please contact Rebecca Graves, Awards Program Administrator,  at (352) 273-7006, or  email SIPHELP@mail.ufl.edu.


Application Forms:

Letter of Interest Form

Next Submission Deadline: Pending

Smith Awards Application

Next Submission Deadline: Pending

Required Reports:

Quarterly Progress Report

Final Report Form

The Smith Award recipients were notified of their acceptance on January 25th, 2016.

Principal Investigator: Azra Bihorac, MD MS, her project is titled “Automated algorithm identifies and communicates risk of acute kidney injury among health care providers and patients

Other Team Members:
Gigi Lipori, UF Health Chief Data Officer Maggie Downey, Director, IT Applications System Development Mark Segal, Chief, Division of Nephrology Justin West, Surgery Stephanie Markle, Surgery

Principal Investigator:  Mariam Louis, MD, her project is titled “Minimizing Post-Operative risk in Patients with Moderate-Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea”

Other Team Members:
Dr. Gary Loyd: Attending Faculty Dr. Pgeey Ja,es: Attending Faculty Dr. Kristin Vanderhoef: Attending Faculty Dr. Juan Mora: Resident Dr. Austin Pulliam: Resident Dr. Ezekiel Anderson: Resident Dr. Avinash Ramdass: Fellow, Pulmonary , Critical Care and Sleep Medicine Mr. Keith Cason/Director, Respiratory Therapy Ms. Petrease Jones Ms. Marilyn Main Ms. Valerie Platt/Vice-President and CNO, Division Director Perioperative Services and Nursing Specialty Services Dr. Joseph Costa: Associate Dean of Medical Informatics, Epic Support
July 2015

Smith Award recipients were celebrated at an early breakfast at the UF Continuing Medical Education College of Medicine office September 1, 2015.


Dr. Heather Vincent and Dr. Kalia Sadasivan- Co-Principal Investigators, their project is titled “An Integrated-Delivery-of-Care-Approach to Improve Patient Outcomes, Safety, Well-Being After Orthopaedic Trauma”


Dr. Melanie Hagen, her project is titled “Advanced Directives Completion Rates and an Intervention to Address Health Literacy in a Clinic Population”

January 2015

Smith Award recipients were celebrated at Self-Insurance Offices January 27, 2015.

Practice Transformation: Improving Quality and Safety Using a Team-Based Care Approach Dr. Christopher Scuderi Principal Investigator.

Shooting for the Stars: Promoting a Just Culture and Better Communication in Patient Safety:Susan Hendrickson, MHRD/OD, LSSGB, RN, CHPQ, FACHE(PI) and Christine Miller, DPMK, CWS, FACCWS

Medication Reconciliation in Adult and Pediatric Emergency Departments: Erin Wright, Pharm.D., Kara Krzan, Pharm.D., MS (PI), Irfan Nasir, MD

INCPIRE: Incorporating community pharmacy, quality improvement, and meaningful feedback into the ePrescribing process: Ganesh Omjoy, PharmD, PhD and Anzeela Schentrup, PharmD, PhD(PI)

Improving Communication Among Neuromedicine Patients, Families and Healthcare Providers:An Advisory Panel for the Neuromedicine Interdisciplinary Clinical and Academic Program (NICAP) Jacqueline Baron-Lee, PhD(PI)

July 2014

Smith Award recipients were celebrated at Self-Insurance Offices August 26, 2014.


Reducing 30-Day Neurosurgical Readmissions: A Quality Improvement Initiative: Dr. Daniel Hoh and Dr. Maryann Rahman, Co-Principal Investigators. Pictured (Left to right): Dr. Daniel Hoh and Jacqueline Baron-Lee, PhD

Evaluate, develop, and implement medication safety measures using medication error claim reporting systems and medical records: Natohya Mallory, Pharm.D. BCACP, Principal Investigator. Pictured (Left to right): Natohya Mallory Pharm.D., BCACP, and Karen Malcolm, Pharm.D.

Improving Geriatric Care through Pharmacist-Physician Collaboration with the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit: Karen R. Sando. Pharm.D. BCACP, CDE/Clinical Professor, Principal Investigator. Pictured (left to right): Anzeela Schentrup, Pharm.D., PhD; Karen Sando, Pharm.D. BCACP and Michelle Knight, Pharm.D.

Maximizing the Electronic Health Record to Improve Hospitalized Patient nutrition and Decrease Errors of Omission: Sandra Wolfe Citty, PhD, ARNP-BC, Principal Investigator. Pictured: Sandra Wolfe Citty, PhD, ARNP-BC

January 2014

Smith Award recipients were celebrated at an early breakfast at the Shands South Tower on Tuesday, January 28, 2014.


Irene M. Estores, MD for her proposal on Introducing an Innovative Mindfulness Training Program to Improve Teamwork Among Interdisciplinary Health Professionals. Co-Investigators: Nancy Lasseter, Ed.S., LMHC; Lauren Arce, MSN, RN, CNL, OCN

Maureen LaTour, MSN, RN, CNL for her proposal on Simulation Team Training for Interdisciplinary Communication in Emergency Pediatric Situations. Co-Investigators: Shelly Collins, MD; Nora Colman, MD; Betty Jax, MSN, ARNP, RN-BC; Kim Mueller, MSN, ACNP-BC

Maureen Novak, MD for her proposal on Enhancing Inter-Professional Learning to Improve Clinical Care and Patient Safety with Technology. Co-Investigators: Karen Sando; Sara Weitzel; Christine Marin

Michael S. Okun, MD for his proposal on Reducing Parkinson’s Disease Related Future Legal Claims and Preventing Future Patient Injuries Through a Real-Time Quality and Safety Assessment Program. Co-Investigators: Chuck Jacobson; Danielle McGee; Chalice Rahl; Janet Romrell, PA; Pam Zeilman, ARNP; Hok Morita,UF Fellow; Vince Sposato; Cyndi Falck

Kristen Vanderhoef, MD & Adrienne Warrick, ME for their proposal on A Pilot Project for Promoting a Culture of Safety Through TeamSTEPPS and Standardization of Central Line Insertion: An Interdisciplinary Grant for the Department of Anesthesiology and Emergency Medicine. Co-Investigators: Joan Sacerio, RN, MHSA, BSN, CHPN; Steven A. Godwin, MD; Michael C. Lewis, MBBS; David A. Caro, MD; Sharon Edmunds, RN; Rhonda Williams, Anesthesiology Technician; Cynthia L. Leaphart, MD

July 2013

Smith Award recipients were celebrated at an early breakfast at the Shands Cancer Center on July 10, 2013.

Julie Greenwalt, MD for proposal on Reducing Errors in Radiation Treatment through the Implementation of Electronic Safety Checklists within the University of Florida Department of Radiation Oncology. Co-Investigators: Anamaria Yeung, M.D.; Chihray Liu, Physicist and Professor of Physics; Kathryn Mittauer, Physics Graduate Student;

Betty Jax, MSN, ARNP, RN-BC for proposal on Expectation Management and Medical Information (EMMI). Co-Investigators: Cathy Zorilo, MSN, RN, ARNP and Eric Rosenberg, M.D., MSPH, FACP;

Peggy Kalynych, RN, MSN, NE-BC for proposal on Patient Comprehension of Discharge Medication Regimen Post Percutaneous Coronary Intervention. Co-Investigators: Ryan Altman, M.D. and Luis Guzman, Medical Director Interventional Cardiology;

Laila Samiian, MD, FACS for proposal on Can Program Development Improve the Quality of Care for Patients with Breast Cancer?. Co-Investigators: Jilma Patrick, M.D. and Katherine Puckett, DO.

January 2013

Smith Award recipients were celebrated at an early breakfast at the UF Continuing Medical Education College of Medicine office on January 28, 2013.


Sharon Byun, MD for proposal on Implementation of Obstetric Emergency Simulation Drills. Co-Investigators: Denise Vonderstrasse, RN Clinical Leader L&D, Janice Mackenzie, RN L&D Nurse Manager,Tammy Euliana, M.D. Chief OB Division, John Davis, M.D. Director GYN Division, Anthony Gregg, M.D. Director Maternal-Fetal Medicine;


Joan Sacerio, RN, MHSA, BSN, CHPN for proposal on Pressure Ulcers: Crisis of Prevention. Co-Investigators: Donna Geiger, RN, CWON, Sandra McDonald, RN, Pt. Safety Officer, Amy Meyer, J.D. SIP Claims Coordinator , Paul Acedera, CPHRM, Orvin Jenkins, SIP Claims Coordinator;


Cynthia Leaphart, MD for proposal on Building Infrastructure to Develop and Promote a Culture of Safety: A Pilot Program for General Surgery Patients. Co-Investigators: Robert Wears, M.D., Dept. of ED; Sandy McDonald, R.N., Patient Safety Officer, Marilyn Main, MSN, Director Peri-operative Services, Danita Burch, MSN, Clinical Education Specialist, Steven Godwin, M.D, ED Director, Daniel Castillo, M.D., Program Director Anesthesiology Residents, Peggy James, M.D., Assoc. Director Anesthesiology Residency, Michael Nussbaum, M.D., Chair Department of Surgery;


Adrienne DeBerry, PharmD for proposal on Impact of Collaborative Care Services for High-Risk Patients after Discharge from a Large Urban Medical Center. Co-Investigators: Billie Nguyen, Pharm.D., Supervisor Ambulatory Pharmacy, Judella Haddad-Lacie, M.D., Assistant Professor, UF College of Pharmacy, Karen Malcolm, Pharm.D., Manager Ambulatory Care, Ly Nguyen, Pharm.D., Clinical Pharmacist, Russell McKelvey, Pharm D., Drug Information Specialist, Julie Ferm, PharmD., Clinical Pharmacist;


Robert Zori, MD for proposal on Communication Intervention to Improve Patient Experience during a Genetic Counseling Visit: Pre-Visit Video Pilot Project. Co-Investigators: Yulia Strekalova, MBA, COM-Pediatrics/COJ-Health Communication, Laura Fairbrother, MS>, CGC, Pediatrics/Genetics.

July 2012

Smith Award recipients were celebrated at an early breakfast at the UF Continuing Medical Education College of Medicine office on July 10, 2012.

  Sullivan_group_2012 Sandra Sullivan, MD, for proposal on Best Fed Beginnings: A First Step. Co-investigators: Kati S. Harlan, RN, MSN, LHRM; Mary Ryngaert, ARNP, IBCLC; Meredith Mowitz, MD; Brenda Ray, RN, MSN, CNM; Brenda Owens, RN, BSN, IBCLC and Jessica Essex, Mother Representative.   Rosenberg_group_2012 Amy F. Rosenberg, PharmD, BCPS and Erin Jones, PharmD, for proposal on Medication Error Detection by Hospitalized Patients and Analysis of Patient Satisfaction Using a Daily Medication List. Co-investigators: Kathy Gamble, MN, ARNP, CPN; Gale Danek, PhD, RN, NE-BC, DPNAP; Thomas Johns, PharmD, BCPS and Eric Rosenberg, MD, MSPH, FACP.
  Colleen_group_2012 Colleen Counsell, RN, MSN, for proposal on Management of the Traumatic Brain Injury Patient in Acute Care. Co-investigators: Julie Smith, RN, BSN, PCCN; Donna York, MSN; Latha Stead, MD; Karly L. O’Brien, Pharm.D.; Morgan Soule, MOT, OTR/L; Peggy Guin PhD, ARNP, CNS-BC, CNRN; Susan Currie, RN, BSN, CCRN; George Conol, RN; Amy Fullerton, MA, CCC-SLP; Dorothea Lever, ARNP and Bill Shreve, RN.
Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 8.37.24 AM

Christopher Jolley, MD, for proposal on Impact of a Structural Support Group on Quality of Life and Disease Course in Teenager with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Co-investigator: Genie Beasley, MD, Medical Fellow.


Lisa M. Jones, MD, for proposal on Implementation of a Protocol for Early Identification and Management of Sepsis, Severe Sepsis/Septic Shock Patients-An Institution-wide Multidisciplinary Collaborative. Co-investigators: Miren Schinco, MD; Abubakr A. Bajwa, MD; Carol Fultz, MSM, NM and Cynthia Gerdik, MBA, RN.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 8.39.23 AM

Robert Leverence, MD, for proposal on Improving Physician/Patient Communication with AIDET (Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation, Thanks). Co-investigators: Nila Radhakrishnan, MD; Christine Cassisi, MBA; Anthony Koffman, MHA; Patricia Stamm, MEd and Kasey Barrett.


William L. Titsworth, MD, PhD, for proposal on The Effect of a Pain Management Protocol on Postoperative Neurosurgical Pain. Co-investigators: William A. Friedman, MD; Robert Hurley, MD; Peggy Guinn, PhD, ARNP, CNS-BC, CNRN; Jennifer Bushwitz, PharmD and Justine Abrams, MSN, RN, CNRN.

January 2012

Smith Award recipients were celebrated at an early morning breakfast at the Shands Cancer Center on February 10, 2012.


Nicole Paradise Black, MD for proposal on Improving Patient-and Family-Centered Care: A Family Partner for the Inpatient Unit at Shands Hospital for Children at the University of Florida;


Garth Graham, MD, MPH, FACP for proposal on Implementation of a Hospital Based Discharge Intervention to Improve Heart Failure Readmissions. Co-Investigators: Eric I. Rosenberg, MD, MSPH, FACP and Erin M. Jones, Pharm.D;


Stephen R. Grobmyer, MD for proposal on Implementation of a Prospective Quality Assessment Program for the UF-Shands Breast Cancer Program. Co-Investigators: Martha Comstock, ARNP, Stephen Staal, MD, Judith Lightsey, MD, Julia Marshall, MD and Samer Al-Quran, MD;


Linda Le-Wendling, MD for proposal on Venous Air Embolism (VAE): A Widespread and Likely Fatal Complication and the Development of a Multidisciplinary Simulation Model for the Education of the Physiology, Detection and Management of VAE. Co-Investigators: Dietrich Gravenstein, MD, Morgan Matthie, MD, Sem Lampoteng, PhD, F Kayser Enneking, MD and David Lizdas;


Michael E. Mahla, MD and Virginia Pesata, MSN, ARNP, NEA-BC, DPNAP for proposal on Developing a Second Victim Staff Support Pilot Program for the Consequences of Unanticipated Clinical Events;


Christine Van Dillen, MD for proposal on Prehospital Sepsis Recognition;