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  • 2015

      • Last Issue of Risk Rx: Announcement of a new Peer-Reviewed Journal
      • Palliative Care: A specialty that has come into its own
      • Advance Directives: A Short Primer
      • Starting a Medical Practice
      • Fixing Fumbled Handoffs: Let’s not drop the ball!
      • The Handoff: A Critical Point of Vulnerability
      • Transitions of Care: The need for a more effective approach to continuing patient care

      • Small-Scale Grant Awards Programs: Professional Liability Insurance Partnerships with Providers Aim to Reduce Claims and Improve Patient Safety
      • Keeping Up with HIPAA
      • NICA – Florida’s Innovative Alternative to Costly Litigation
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  • 2014

      • Optimizing Physician-Nurse Communication in the Emergency Department
      • The Pivotal Role of Communication in Healthcare Reform and Risk Reduction
      • Communication Tips in the Trauma Setting
      • Minimizing Diagnostic Error: 10 Things You Could Do Tomorrow
      • Surgical Team Debriefing and Follow-Up: Creating an Efficient, Positive Operating Room Environment to Improve Patient Safety
      • Veterinary Medicine and the Law: How to Provide Good Care and Protect Yourself... Part III: Veterinary Records
      • Florida Fine Tunes its Definition of “Expert.”
      • Tips on Being an Effective Witness at Deposition
      • Veterinary Medicine and the Law:  How to Provide Good Care and Protect Yourself in the Process. Part II:  Medical Records
      • Managing Behavior and Eliminating Harm: Moving Towards a Just and Safe Culture
      • Correcting Errors In the Electronic Medical Record
      • Veterinary Medicine and the Law: How to Provide Good Care and Protect Yourself in the Process. Part I: Informed Consent
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  • 2013

      • Integrity of the Healthcare Record: Best Practices for EHR Documentation
      • Intimidation and Retaliation: The Challenge to get Resident Physicians to Report Medical Errors
      • The July Effect
      • Coping with a Medical Malpractice Suit
      • Conflict in the Health Care  Workplace
      • Florida Supreme Court Prohibits Physician Discussions with Attorneys
      • The Team Concept:  Who’s Got Your Back?
      • How Is Your Bedside Manner?
      • Use of Presuit Voluntary Binding Arbitration as an Alternative Dispute Resolution Process in Medical Malpractice Cases
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  • 2012

      • Potential Long Lasting Repercussions of Medicaid Audits
      • Second Victims: To Forgive, Divine.
      • Mandatory Presuit Mediation: Local Malpractice Reform Benefiting Patients and Health Care Providers
      • How the Good Samaritan Act Can Minimize the Potential for Claims in the Emergency Room
      • Medical Malpractice- When Does it Become a Crime? A Historical Review
      • Operating Room Or Concert Hall?
      • In the Shadows of Patient Safety Addressing Diagnostic Errors in Clinical Practice
      • NICA Cares
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  • 2011

      • DOH: Prevalent Disciplinary Actions Concerning Dentists
      • Reducing Liability in Complex Cases
      • DOH: Prevalent Disciplinary actions for Allopathic & Osteopathic Physicians
      • Formula for Improved Patient Care: Teamwork + Communication
      • University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute: A Unique Cancer Treatment and Research Center

      • The Three "P" 's: A Common Liability Problem
      • The Power of the Partnership: Engage, Enlighten and Empower
      • Communicating Adverse Events: The Art of Apologizing Without Admitting Liability
      • The Electronic Health Record: Keeping the Illegible From Becoming the Illogical
      • A View From The Trenches: Discovery Issues E-Medical Records
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  • 2009

      • Preventing Medical Identity Theft
      • Legal Case Study: Florida Department of Corrections v. Lisa M. Abril
      • HIPPA - Privacy Regulatory Updates
      • Telemedicine and Its Liability Implications
      • Sovereign Immunity –  A Primer For The UF Health Care Provider
      • Patient Non-Compliance— A Powerful Legal Defense
      • WHO & The Surgical Care Outcomes Assessment Program Checklist
      • Fundamentals of the Marchman Act
      • Cyber Doctors
      • Preventing Wrong Site Surgery
      • Frequent Board of Medicine Disciplinary Actions
      • Credentialing for New Procedures
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  • 2008

      • Minimizing the Legal Risk With 'Curbside' Consultation
      • Following the Patient Rights of Medication Administration: Are These Enough to Guarantee Patient Safety?
      • Partnering with Patients
      • Baker Act Basics
      • Exercising Restraint
      • Case Reviews Involving Restraints and Seclusion of Involuntarily Committed Patients
      • The Physician's Best Defense and Malpractice
      • The Florida Supreme Court Rules on Amendment 7
      • Good Care Bad Documentation
      • Falls in the Acute Care Setting
      • ARNP and PA Scope of Practice
      • Legal Case Review: The Disruptive Physician
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  • 2007

      • What's in Your Emails?
      • About NICA
      • Clinical Care and The Chain of Command
      • Chart Documentation of Patients Leaving Without Being Seen or Against Medical Advice
      • Learn How to Mitigate Hospital and Personal Risk by Participation in a Simulated Negligence Lawsuit
      • Starting a Medical Practice
      • Legal Case Review: St. Anthony Hospital v. U.S. D. H. H. S., (10th Cir. 2002)
      • Consent Issues for Minors in Florida
      • Medication Safety-High Priority
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  • 2006

      • Florida's Good Samaritan Act
      • Amendment 7 Update
      • Amendment 8: Its Impact Still Unknown
      • License Not Required to Practice Risk Management
      • Legal Case Review
      • Sovereign Immunity - A Primer for the UF Health Care Provider
      •  Legal Case Review: In the Matter of Baby “K” (4th Cir. 1994)
      • Risk Reduction Strategies
      • Critical Processes for Preventing Wrong Site Surgery
      • Universal Protocol Compliance Q&A’s
      • Simulation Team Training- A Proactive Approach to Risk Reduction
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  • 2005

      • Strategies for Shift Hand-off
      • Resident Tips: Applying for Hospital Staff Privileges
      • Legal Case Review: Emergency Restriction of the License of Arnaldo Carmouze, PA, by the Department of Health.
      • Legal Implications & Ethical Considerations of Do Not Resuscitate
      • The SKINny on Pressure Ulcer Prevention
      • Legal Case Review: Jeanette Wright v. Johns Hopkins Health Systems Corporation
      • HIPAA Final Security Regulations
      • “What We’ve Got Here is a Failure to Communicate.”
      • Golden Rules of Chart Documentation
      • Legal Case Review: John Insinga v. Michelle LaBella
      • Managing Disclosure of Adverse Events
      • How Is Your Bedside Manner?
      • Saying “Goodbye” To A Patient Without Saying “Hello” To A Lawsuit: A Primer On Patient Dismissal
      • Florida Cares & C.A.P.
      • Legal Case Review: Fernando Jimenez M.D. v. Department of Professional Regulation Board of  Medicine
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  • 2004

      • Editors Welcome - UF SIP History
      • DOH Practitioner Investigation- What to Expect
      • Tips on Being an Effective Witness at Deposition
      • Legal Case Review: Anne Marie Nolen v. Boca Raton Community Hospital
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